Children should learn sharing

Our children need to understand life values to make themselves better human, and live a life useful to others.

Actually sharing is what we all need to do in our life. But for a child it’s very difficult. We may think that they are just kids and they don’t understand importance of sharing. So shouldn’t they learn it or they will as they grow. I think you should start teaching them how to share at an early age, but not forcefully.

There might have been some instances where your kids intended to share their toys with other kids. Why, because they wanted others to play with them, or wanted toys in exchange, right? If we point out benefits of their act of sharing, it will help them create an understanding.

Why sharing is important 

  • Some research findings suggest that sharing has a positive influence on our emotional well being. 
  • When you do something that makes others happy , it is lot more satisfying than doing it alone.
  • It helps kids in making new friends
  • It teaches us life values like compromise and humbleness.
  • We learn to be fair and cooperative.

Sharing is not only about things or your belongings but it can be done with your thoughts, narratives or experiences. And sharing your story with others is a very good way of healing yourself.

It goes with your kids also. Have any of you ever noticed when your kid is back home from school, or after evening playtime or from a birthday party? Was there anything unusual in his behavior? And if it was, i am sure you were worried about what might have been happened. That is where a kid needs to learn how to share it’s feelings, what is happening with him or her when they are not at home. They also need to share what is going in their minds.

Now let’s get back to kids 

Biggest question is how to pursue your kids to share. 

  • Point out benefits of sharing. Like if you share with others ,in return they might give you something.
  • If someone is sharing, let your kid know that he or she is doing a very good job. 
  • If your child shares with someone, appreciate him/her, praise them or reward them. That will encourage them to share more in a good way.
  • Play games which involves sharing or taking turns. That way they will also learn the importance of teamwork.
  • You have got to assure them that you are always with them, and they can always count on you to share their feelings. So that you can protect your kids from any kind of trouble.
  • If you start with some of these techniques, eventually you will find your own ways to pursue them.

So it is a good thing which makes others happy, makes us happy ,spreads positivity and your kids are also going to feel happy and good for it. Learn to share by yourself and teach your little ones also.

Share your views and experiences about this subject with others.


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