Marketing Your App-From Development To Publishing Stage

Market your app at every stage – from developing a futuristic app with the latest and relevant technology, to publishing it on multiple platforms. It’s very important to build an app for your business and promote it in a way that stands out from others.

Promote Your App Effectively

I hope you are not asking that why do you need an app?

The reason for having an app for your business is the huge mobile device user base worldwide. Who doesn’t have a mobile? Almost everyone has one, and the internet is most accessed on mobile devices.

And, you would promote your product/service where it will find most number of users.

You need to expand your online presence, and ways to reach out to more users to grow. And, a mobile app is an apt tool to do that.

There is a lot to know about app development industry, like usage, trends, and revenues. You can go through the link below to know about it. You will definitely realize the true significance of apps after reading it.

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What kind of app should you develop?

It should serve the purpose with great effect.

  • Your app should have all the necessary features to create the best user experience, to deliver the best values your business offers to your customers.
  • It should have all the required elements to make it a desired one by the people.
  • So, start with a brilliant idea, and then explore the online world to know which technology to use for development.
  • An app should be developed using the latest technology, because it needs to perform with optimum results.
  • And, it needs to be in line with the latest trends and updates.
  • Develop an app for multiple platforms. Most popular app platforms are Android and iOS, and their app stores are Google Play Store and Apple AppStore respectively.

To project your idea, you have to use technology” – Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

To know about the latest app development technologies, click the link below.

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Your app should be immersive, attractive, and easy to use.

It should have a well-designed and engaging layout.

For example, a gaming app should have different levels of play to pursue a player to keep playing each and every stage of a game.

Or an E-commerce app should have an easy layout of products display and a secure payment option also. This way, you can make customers’ shopping experience more enjoyable.

So, a great idea and a solid concept will build a strong base for your app. Rest depends upon how do you strategize and implement marketing of that app.

How To Market Your App For Your Target Audience?


Yes, promote your app to your target audience. And, define your target audience first, to implement your marketing strategy with great effect.

I said first, that means you should start finding your audience before development stage.

Yes, begin to explore who could benefit using your app.

And, start creating awareness about your product to build interest among users.

Once, people starts showing interest, you can begin the promotion of your app.


A relevant, useful and informative content will help you to create awareness.

  • Publish quality blogs on your website. The blog should be composed of every information about your app, and what values it offers to your customer. Additionally, the blog should have a landing page to download your app.
  • Create video content showcasing features and benefits of using your app. Videos are very popular content to access any information quickly. So, it’s a must have element for your marketing strategy.


  • If you want to create awareness with content, nothing can be more beneficial than social media.
  • Your target customer is most probably present there. Because, social media is most used online platform worldwide.
  • It is the most used platform to create engagement and awareness.
  • Social media is an ideal medium for extensive content like, blogs, posts, videos, podcasts, vlogs, live streaming, and webinars.
  • Use as many types of content as possible, and don’t forget to direct them to a destination for downloading your app.


  • Just like SEO for your website, ASO works well for your app to receive organic traffic or downloads.
  • Identify keywords for different app stores and improve visibility of your app.
  • ASO technique is also useful to create user engagement, brand awareness, and receive positive reviews. It is an additional channel for your app’s promotion.


  • To achieve as many downloads as possible, you need to attract people through ads also.
  • Relying only on organic traffic is not advisable, because millions of app are published on different app stores. You have to find a way to generate greater visibility.
  • So, paid ads will be very effective to do that. By defining potential users and creating ads targeted towards them, your app will receive higher number of overall downloads.


  • If you are planning to publish your app for international audience, localize your app for different locations.
  • Localize your app for a particular location’s language, culture, and market. It will make your app more popular in those areas.


  • KPI (key performance index) is used to measure your app’s performance.
  • Without measuring your app’s performance, you won’t be able to improvise your marketing efforts or make any due adjustments with that.
  • You can keep track of acquisition rate, downloads, click-through rate, and many other KPIs on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
  • You can review the performance and make any required changes to improve your marketing performance.
  • Performance of your app is also very important, so keep updating your app with changes in trends and technologies.
  • A regularly updated app gives the best user experience.

As I said earlier that a great idea can set a cornerstone for a great app. If your concept is innovative and you have designed and developed a unique app, you can try innovative ways to promote it.

  • It can be through referrals, influencer marketing, a unique launch campaign, offering free trials or gifts, and so on till you don’t satisfy yourself.

As it is always said, “Business has only two functions, marketing and innovation.”


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