It’s Important To Pay A Lot Of Attention To The Top Of The Funnel

What is marketing funnel, its stages and importance? You need to understand everything to create a successful marketing campaign, from awareness, lead generation to conversion.

By paying a fair amount of attention to the broader stage of marketing funnel, you will eventually get users in to the subsequent stages of the funnel.

Here we are talking about the marketing funnels. So, what are they?

The marketing funnel is associated with a customer’s buying journey. Mainly there are three stages and can be classified into more, but let’s keep them to three as understanding them will be sufficient to adopt a right approach.

The marketing funnel

1st stage is The Top Of The Funnel

This is the awareness stage. Customers probably don’t know you or your brand. They are not in a stage to make a buying decision. You need to create content to move them further in the buying journey.

2nd is The Middle Of The Funnel

The middle of the funnel is to create interest. Customers probably know you, and they are searching for products that satisfy their needs.

3rd is The Bottom Of The Funnel

After gathering all the information, customers probably will choose a brand and make an attempt to purchase. They are the leads you just wanted to have, and target them in a way that they are compelled to purchase from you.

The Top Of the marketing funnel

Why The Top Of The Funnel ?

According to many marketing experts, once a user starts interacting with your business in some ways, it is unlikely that he/she is going to make a purchase any time soon.

Because at the TOFU (top of the funnel) stage, they are probably unaware of you or any other brands. They are looking for meaningful resources that will help them understand and buy a product. And that’s why it is called the awareness stage, as you need to create an awareness of your products or services.

So, if you directly try to sell, it’s not going to work! Instead of that, create and provide content that is apprehensive and relevant, so that they recognize your brand. It will eventually let them enter the funnel or the buying journey.


The goals of the TOFU marketing are, creating awareness among users, and with that generate leads for your business. You want your users to move further down the funnel stages, and convert themselves from leads to customers.


  • Define your target audience – For whom are you going to create content? For that you have to research about your potential customers. Find out about their requirements, their goals, their problems. You can research on where your competitors are focusing right now, as it will give you good insights on possible users. And after defining your audience, create content that resonates with their needs and solves their problems.
  • Blog posts are very effective type of content which is widely used across all online platforms by a huge community of users. Blogs are the best way to provide and receive relevant and useful information. And that’s why every businesses’ websites are using blogs for content marketing.
  • Videos are the most used online content along with blogs. You have a lot of video streaming channels, and everyday thousands of videos are being uploaded. So, choosing a popular platform to share video content will give you an edge in terms of creating awareness among users and attract them towards your business.
  • Infographics are for providing the most useful information through images. They are useful especially to show relevant data, but you have to create infographics that stand out from others and really give some value insights about any products. You can include a lot research based data in an infographic. It is a great way to attach users’ attention, as it eliminates the need to read long articles to fetch information.
  • Social Media posts are another powerful tools in terms of reaching out to a wider user base and improve your visibility. Social media is the most used online platform, be it PCs or mobile devices. And it is also the best way to engage with users to get a lot of information about them. This information will be useful down the lane in the entire marketing process. Apart from this, the social media can be used to provide various types of content like, blog posts, ads, videos, images, podcasts, etc. Create landing pages in different posts or ads that direct users to your desired locations like website, blog post, etc.
  • White papers and E books are for providing detailed information about a product or any industry. These types of contents shows your expertize and are problem solving in nature.
  • Webinars are becoming extremely popular especially after the pandemic situation. A webinar is the best tool to engage with different people in real-time. And it can be used to connect with your potential users virtually and provide them a lot of information about your business.

Remember, the tone of your content should be informative, educative and friendly. It should not be persuasive, as your aim is to create consciousness and interest. The decision on to which type of content to use will be based on thorough research of various aspects like, target audience and online platforms where they are extensively present.

Being specific in defining your potential customers is the most important step for a successful implementation of the marketing strategy. Without narrowing down on your target audience, your campaign won’t fetch a desired result.

The content must be informative, useful and resolving. Remember, your aim is to attract users who are looking for something which resolves their issues or satisfies their needs.

The top of funnel stage is the broadest one in a marketing funnel. That means you have access to a huge audience and to attract them you have to target them with a perfect top of the funnel content strategy.



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