What Is Essential For Your Business – Content OR Copy? Answer Is Both

A good marketing strategy focuses on short term and long term goals, and it can be achieved with content writing and copywriting.

If you are amidst the digital transformation process of your business, naturally there will be uncertainties regarding lot of things.

And one of them must be the CORE STRATEGY for any business which is the digital marketing.

That’s the most important thing for a business to transform and grow.

Digital marketing is neither just a marketing strategy nor only about online businesses. It transcends your business traditional environment and puts it on the online landscape.”

And what do you do to make yourself VISIBLE across online landscape? You create content.


This question arises frequently as you are constantly trying to make yourself visible.

Well everything, including strategies and actions will follow the respective GOALS.

So, both are ESSENTIAL, but the answer to the question(content or copy) depends upon the particular goal you want to achieve using marketing strategy.

Now let’s understand significance of CONTENT WRITING AND COPYWRITING

Content writing is for creating useful information.

– It is for educating and creating awareness.

– Content writing is for creating BRAND recognition.

– It is for attracting more visitors(web traffic) to your website.

A very good SEO content helps a website rank higher in SERP(search engine result page).

– A good SEO content is written based on search intent. That means it is intended to provide solutions to particular queries of users.

– Good content provides valuable insights about products and services offered by your business.

– Content created with Thought Leadership approach builds authority and trust and provides industry insights to your customers.

Different types of content writing

Blog Posts

– Social Media Posts

– Website Content

– Service Pages

– White Papers

Landing Pages

– Creative Writing

– Create E-books

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Copywriting is an art of writing an unique copy to pursue users to take particular actions.

– It is for advertising and sales.

– It is for converting your visitors into customers.

Copywriting sells buyer persona. Each copy is written and targeted towards particular group of users and resonates with their personas.

– Content creates brand and a perfect copy sells that brand.

– Copywriting convinces users about the value you bring to them and motivates them to buy.

– Copywriting uses creative, emotional, entertaining language to create perfect pitch that drives users to take actions.

– Copywriting is aimed at short-term goals related to sales and generating leads as opposed to content writing which is targeted for longer term goals.

Different Types Of Copywriting

– Email Marketing

– Social Media Ads

– Sales Pages

– Video Scripts

– Print Media Ads

– Product Description

CTA (call to action)

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Both are essential, different but interconnected.

You can include a sales pitch in a content piece.

And you can include some information in a sales copy as well.

And that is why you see blogs from many pioneer content marketing companies full of ads prompting you to click a button.

Established organizations know this very well. You can see how well they have been implementing this extensive marketing strategy.

I am a content writer and offer writing services to businesses and professionals. So, I can make a small pitch here for myself.

Do write me for content writing and copywriting services at kalapiedit@gmail.com or

DM me at my LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/kalapi-prajapati-847b401aa/

So, let’s summarize.

Define Marketing Goals

Create Buyer Personas

Set A Marketing Strategy

Create Valuable Content To Establish Your Brand – marketing goal.

Create Perfect Copy To Sell Your Brand – marketing goal.


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