Create A Great Relationship With Your Customers – With Perfect LANDING PAGES

Purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors into leads, then into customers and start a long lasting relationship with them.

Very effective way to increase marketing ROI and drive growth.

Sounds very easy but not exactly.

So, what are landing pages?

They are pages in your website that help you to fetch leads by giving your visitors persuasive offers.

Those leads can be in different forms like names, contact details, jobs information, interests, career goals etc.

After getting those leads you use them in targeted marketing strategy, which will help achieving higher conversion, growth.

Your website contains all the information about your business, while a landing page is product or a specific goal oriented.

How do you get visitors to land on that page?

● Through PPC ads, marketing Emails, social media posts, any online promotions, search results etc.

● At all those places there is a link which needs to be clicked to take the visitor to the destination or the landing page.

● So the landing page should be specifically created for a particular purpose or should I say for your marketing goal.

● It can be your home page, blog or a particular product page etc. It depends upon what goal you want to achieve.

– To download an eBook, white paper or a brochure.

– To register for a webinar or an online course or an event.

– To subscribe for emails.

– To buy a particular offer etc.

And a clear CALL TO ACTION((CTA) is required according to the goal you have set. Like sign up, sign in, download, get your free trial etc.

And a CTA can be placed at multiple locations in a page and should be placed on almost every page of website.


● The content must be relevant and useful.

● Should have a attention grabbing headline.

● Should match with the offer in the page.

Let’s continue…

At the broader stage of marketing funnel or customer journey, you give your users some valuable content. And when you successfully move them down the stages, give them an opportunity to discover something they want by creating content and a link within to direct them to a landing page.

Important Elements of A Good Landing Page –



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