A career composed of more than one job, be it a business, job, freelance work or profession, or a mix of something out of these.

It is intended to create more than one income streams, and generate more revenues using multiple skills and working techniques.

It is also a way of creating your own working style and environment, simultaneously earning more money with multiple jobs.

You can pick a part-time job, and along with it, you can start a professional work, for example, starting a freelance travel services agency. Travelling is a fast growing industry, and a lot of companies provide opportunities to run an online one-man travel agency.

It depends upon what kind of skills and qualifications you have acquired and how you can use them to build a successful portfolio career.

It is not necessary to use your education degrees to build a career. There are many growth stories where success has been achieved with strong will, dedication, hard-work, strategies, and focus on the ultimate goals.

There are opportunities unleashed after the pandemic that lets you to work outside 9 to 5 type of job environment. And it has signaled the imminence of the portfolio careers as the new normal.

The reason for this is ever-expanding online working landscape. It has multiplied the working opportunities in manifold.

You can build an online business, and work from home with same amount of business development opportunity.

All you need to do is to create an extensive online presence to reach out to many potential users to build your business.

Benefits of portfolio career

  • Be your own boss – It will be entirely on you, and by you. You will create your career, destiny and work environment. You have the liberty to work as per your convenience and your capacity. It is you who can push the envelope and take risks.
  • Develop new skills and build career – As you know that ever expanding online landscape provides ample of opportunities to develop and use various skills to survive and thrive. And, portfolio career is exactly about that. Don’t hold back yourself, instead go out and explore skills to make a career out of it.
  • Don’t need to forget your passion – The portfolio working environment let’s you to follow your passion. If you can pursue your career successfully and go along with your passions, nothing can be more satisfying.
  • Opening up multiple income channels, flexible work pattern, providing time for personal development and family.

What are the challenges?

But it requires you to make new adjustments, adopt new approach, and new skills.

Create digital awareness and digital literacy. Become comfortable with useful latest technologies.

Shifting from regular 9to 5 job to pursue Portfolio Career means sacrificing your regular income.

So, it will take some time and requires patience.

Try to adopt a new working lifestyle and connect with other experienced and skilled people as well as some newcomers.

So you can build a virtually connected team if required.

But certainly it’s imminent as uncertainty around the current professional and business environment is growing.



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