Thinking of starting a blog? Go ahead, because blog writing is key to an effective content marketing strategy.

And why am I saying this? Because I write BLOGS, and create web content for the purpose of digital marketing. Ha ha ha…really!

Web Content is what you see online. Whether it is a website, social media, email and everything, there is content everywhere. Blogs, videos, images, audio, infographics, ads, social media posts, vlog(video blog), podcast, etc, are web contents.

When the content is relevant, useful, informative, educating, interesting and of good quality, it brings value to your online presence.

And fetches more traffic towards your website.

It helps you to achieve growth for your business. For example a perfect sales copy that persuades a customer to buy a product or service.

Good content gives you proper education and knowledge about particular subject.

It helps you to build trust and maintain a good relationship with your customers and community.

So it is all about the content and blog is one of the most effective type of content.


A blog is a website regularly publishing pieces of information in form of content created with text, images, videos, infographics etc.

It can be about a thing, a person, an event, product, businesses, industry and about anything.

It is a form of content writing. And it requires writing skills, passion about particular subjects you want to write on and some research also.

Blogs are written in very easy to scan fomats. The header comes first and gives readers a good idea of the subject.

Short paragraphs are used write descriptions and words are easy to understand.

Usually writing is persuasive and conversational, feat

You can create blogs on anything. Like hobbies, passion, lifestyle, music, entertainment, food, fashion etc.

A series of events from history, current affairs or news, any subject like science, technology or social issues.

A person, business, profession, skills, even a particular niche can be used to create a blog.

Blogs can be about anything, but you need to do research into that particular subject or topic.

You can create a blog about blogs, but don’t need to as you are reading the best one right now. Cool.

You can have your own website for blogs or you can write blogs for other websites or you can publish blogs of other authors in your website.


Blog contents are there forever like a diary or journal and unlike social media, where posts are uploaded every second and your post will disappear after few hours.

With blogs you have your authority over content. You have the opportunity to show your knowledge and skills to people.

Content you publish on a blog has more value than of a social media post.

When you write a good quality blog on a subject of your interest, people with same kind of interest are more likey to read your content.


From SEO point of view, blogs are more effective for organic search and perfect tools to drive traffic.

They are more effective in fetching leads than paid ads.

Blogs are most used marketing tactic compared to Email newsletter, Social media, Inbound marketing and other strategies.

Creating relevant links from your blogs to other relevant and informative websites, and earning backlinks from other websites to your blogs by creating high quality content gives you more credibility. Helps you to build a brand.

The format of blogs is such that it helps you to maintain long lasting contents with keeping updates on latest trends and innovations.

You can showcase your expertise, product information, niche, services, skills to people in order to gain their attention.

Positive reviews and testimonials are tools to add more value and trust to your brand.

That is why blogs have become integral part of websites of businesses and professionals.

Even Google believes that blogs must be used as part of marketing strategy. Actually I read this somewhere.


Blogs can be classified in many categories as they can be created on almost everything. But I would like to describe them in three main types, considering the benefits discussed above.

1. Personal Blogs

Your PERSONAL BLOG is publication of your thoughts, point of views, feelings, your way of expressing.

So don’t keep all these emotions stuffed within yourself, and let others be aware of them. Once you convey your thoughts or point of view about something, people with such interests will read your blogs. So it’s like sharing your narratives with others.

As you get more views for personal blogs, you are more likely to try other types of blogs.

You will try to explore niches to utilize them for blogging. Will be motivated to develop skills. That’s the beauty of blogging.

2. Business Blogs

Business blog is basically for marketing of your business or profession. Subjects covered in these blogs are related to your business, products, services or industry.

Main objectives of business blogs are to showcase your expertise and skills to potential customers.

Increase visibility and Attract more traffic to your business’s website and generate more leads.

Increase conversion rates and sales to achieve growth.

Make more money by selling products and offering services.

Sustain confidence and trust with your customers.

3. Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Affiliate marketing is promoting other products and services to earn commissions.

Affiliate marketing blogger writes about a product and promotes it in the blog. And earns particular percentage of profit for each successful sale made through that blog.

There are many online affiliate marketing networks that provide platforms to find products and merchants to engage in affiliate programs.

It’s a win-win situation for a blogger and merchant as both are earning profits with this type of mutual working program.

And that’s why affiliate blogging is gaining more popularity day by day.

4. Guest Posts or blogs

It is one type of blog writing service. A guest post is a blog written for a third party website or a blog. Organizations use guest blogs to generate awareness about their product, and a blogger creates a blog or guest blog to show his/her expertise.

It is a win-win situation for both, the publisher and blogger. The publisher gets good quality content to promote the brand and the author gets a good amount of traction. And it will be helpful to bring more traffic to your own website also.

So, in this DIGITAL AGE you can use your writing skills or may be other’s, to create blogs in order to boost your online presence.

As businesses, all types of institutions and professionals, I mean whole world is shifting their base to digital world, there will be a lot of data. Blogs can be a very good method to keep your data and resources in form of information.

So, whether it’s a personal blog or business blog a professional content writer is the best option to get help from.

If you want to spread a word about your product or services and get more sales, you definitely need a blogger with good content writing skill.

Subscribe here or send an Email to me for any kind of content writing and copywriting services for your business or profession.

I can help you to showcase your niche to online world. Even if you want any help to start your personal blog, don’t hesitate to write to me.



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