You can earn money while staying at home, as the new online working environment provides you a lot of opportunities to build businesses that can be run from home.

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about how to save your money? Just because you have limited income? Does sometimes an idea of extra income come to your mind? Yes and why not, it is very much necessary for you. You have many dreams and one life.

Start working from your home.

Because it is the best possible option to make a good start, keeping in mind the current pandemic situation.

To start working from home all you need is,

PASSION will give you

MOTIVATION to use your


These three tools will set the starting point of your journey towards achieving your goals. They will lay the foundation of your business to fulfill your dreams. And that will bring you a level of satisfaction of gaining success, eventually bringing you the peace of mind, the most important value of your life.
I wasn’t a writer few months ago. I was very much busy with my travel agency. But my passion for writing inspired me to develop it into skill and now i am a professional copywriter. That is why you are reading my blogs.

Working from home is indeed worthwhile

  • The most comfortable place for you is your home. So that gives you some confidence to set off.
  • It also helps in improving the work efficiency because it eliminates the need to commute everyday to your workplace. And the environment at home will be quite peaceful and relaxing. That makes work from home a healthier lifestyle.
  • Flexibility in terms of providing time to your work as well as family.
  • You have the freedom to be as much creative as possible, so that helps you to your job more happily.
  • You are your employer, colleague and competitor. You can use that as an advantage to become more work efficient. Be your own role model.
  • You may be already doing a job or business. May be a student, freelancer or a housewife. No problem if retired also. Working from home will add an extra benefit. More income.

Some home based work ideas

  • Online/offline tuition centerIf you have acquired any level of education and like to teach, then just get on with it. Get some training using any online platform, or with the help of books. Start marketing with word to mouth technique. Create a Facebook page. Create some tutorials and share them on your page. Create some video tutorials also. If you have some space at your home, set up a tuition center at home. And nowadays there is a need of online  education. So you can start an online class using a video calling app. Create a YouTube channel and share some video tutorials on regular basis. Just keep exploring and you’ll get hold of it finally.
  • Online BakeryEverybody loves cakes. But an expert will make a good one. It is not a easy task. You will be on demand if you offer them delicious bakery foods. Ensure them about hygiene and provide delivery. Birthdays, get together, weddings, engagements, parties, etc. Occasions are many and your Services are required. Upload some recipes on social media and videos on YouTube. People would love to try it by themselves with your help. You are only going to build trust with your customers. Prepare a menu with pictures and descriptions along with price. Give them some benefits like offers, discounts or some add-ons etc. And yes keep updating yourself with latest changes regarding flavors, customers’ preferences and some marketing skills.
  • Online cooking classes– Cooking is a way of survival by using food. We cook food to get required nutrition from it for our body. In today’s time it helps you to survive in terms of maintaining wealth. Cooking is also a skill. So it needs to be your niche. Master your culinary skills to showcase it to others. Start with some easy and unique recipes, prepare them and upload on online platforms like websites, social media, chat based platforms like whatsapp, Facebook messenger. Add some good quality pictures and videos also. Try to build a community around your social media page and try to teach them online by charging minimum amount as fees. But you can ask for referrals as a favor to increase number of subscriptions. And same goes with a YouTube channel also. Give them some promotional offers to pursue them to subscribe for a longer period of time. And help others to earn some money by using their cooking skills.
  • Fashion designing– One of the most trending business in the modern world. A lot of people are becoming  fashion designers. So you have some competition. So leverage your closest network and people to make some footfalls. Consistently showcasing your work is the key because trends are changing  and people want see something new everyday . Be creative wherever possible and provide best services. Use E-commerce platforms like Amazon, flip kart, Facebook marketplace, myntra etc. to reach out to a wider consumer base. This is a very big industry and there is a lot to write about it but getting started with it is important. So work upon that.
  • Fitness instructor– Staying fit is significant. Today’s style of living has made it very much necessary to pay attention to our overall health. Lot of people are embedding it into their every day life to remain physically and mentally healthy. So you have a good future as fitness instructor. You can do it at your home by providing your clients personal training, group training and online training. You should obtain a certificate to do it professionally. There are differently types of fitness training. Yogasan, Aerobics, strengthening exercises, meditation etc. And for different types of groups of people also, like people with certain physical disabilities, pregnant women, sports person etc. You can choose any particular category and start with that. Maintaining a good social network is key to get regular clients. And rest will depend upon quality of your services. So develop a good and appropriate knowledge of overall fitness training.
  • Day care centerIt is a very responsible task. Day care centers are called ‘pre-school’, ‘kindergarten’, or something else. But you are supposed to take care of little kids who are just out of their home environment for the first time. Engaging them in different activities for their development is a challenging task, but you will take pride in guiding them to take the first step towards a bright future. To set up a day care center you need some space to accommodate some kids. And you have to create an environment there to make their pre-school experience enjoyable. You will need to bring some tools, toys , books and other things to create some fun loving, learning activities. Hire some teachers who have passion of teaching with compassion and sensitivity towards toddlers. You also need to get hold of lot of things like taking care of their hygiene, food, their fear of being away from parents. Maintaining processes like admissions, assessments etc. But this business is worth of doing all these tasks.
  • Online/offline books libraryIf you have passion for reading books, take a step further and create a community of readers. Collect good books and invite others to share their books also. Create online presence and spread a word about your collection. You will need to do some logistic work, so learn everything about it. Give people different types of membership options. Allow them to subscribe online also.
  • Dance and Music schoolLot of people share common interests in Dance and Music, specially kids. Here also you have both options of online and offline. You have to showcase your skills through many online platforms. Be innovative in teaching them using different online mediums like creating video tutorials of different types of dance or music and upload them on internet. So that some people will be able to learn from their home. It will build your reputation and help you to establish yourself.
  • So, you can add many works to this list like,
  • Tiffin Service
  • Packaging and delivery services
  • Computer classes
  • Computer data entry services
  • Selling photographs online
  • Making and selling pickles
  • Keep on adding…

Think of skills you can develop and leverage to make a career out of it.

What kind of work you would like to do, or what kind of services you can offer to others, what are people’s requirements and choices. Just keep working on it.

Explore different ways to do digital marketing.

Search about legal process surrounding the work you want to do. Gather all the resources required.

Start your Journey now and there are many beautiful destinations in your way. Keep going till you reach the final destination, your dreams.


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