Adventure travel – The bright spot of India’s domestic tourism

You must have got the idea of this blog by reading the title. Adventure travel, isn’t it? But first of all let me provide you some brief information about Indian Tourism Sector’s contribution to our economy.

Dekho mera desh”(explore our country) a government initiative to push and encourage people of India to visit as much places within our country as much possible. Why is it so important? Because Tourism sector contributes almost 10% in India’s GDP. And the sector itself accounts for 13% employment in India. And there is much more into it. So, travel is the one of most important sector that needs to be revived.

Adventure travel- the bright spot.

Now that we understand the importance of our own tourism, let us look at a niche of domestic travel which is Adventure travel. Especially if we relate it to “dekho mera desh”. Because what is adventure travel? It is about exploring new landscapes, connecting with new cultures plus it requires certain amount of physical activity. Completely different from leisure travel but certainly more entertaining, educating, refreshing and satisfying experience.

Obviously you will be out of your comfort zone, but it’s real essence lies there only. The excitement of seeing something new and a sense of accomplishment of doing some adventures is itself worth attempting for.

Here I would share my own experience. In the  last week of June(during unlock 1) I had to visit a place with my wife and two kids about 300 km away from my home due to some family obligations. Initially we were skeptical about going out because of 3 months of contained life there was a fear of covid 19 infection. But we had to do it and we started our journey early in the morning. And finally in the night we were back home. You would think what was so adventurous about it. First of all we did it amidst the fear of a pandemic and we overcame that fear. And to explain further I would like to say that trip was featured with, ”traditional hospitality, beautiful landscapes, a remote and exotic rural location, and some small adventures like climbing small mountain on the highway side. At the end of the day my kids told me, “Dad we are very happy today”. Fantastic isn’t it. That is how you can experience your first little adventure trip which will be quite easier to plan and more importantly cheap also.

Benefits of Adventure Travel

  • As it requires some physical activity it improves your health.
  • Your brain working improves.
  • Accepting extreme challenges makes you flexible in real life environment also.
  • You get to explore completely new landscapes
  •  Yes…there is social distancing in a natural environment.
  • And there are lots of other benefits that you will realize when actually do adventures.

Types of Adventure Travels

  • Trekking and Mountaineering
  • River rafting and kayaking
  • Paragliding
  • Hot air ballooning
  • Wildlife and desert safaris(camel riding)
  • Skiing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Zip lining etc.

For all these you need to find new and unfamiliar destinations within our country .There are some neighbor countries also which will provide enough opportunities to fulfill your adventure trip . It might be somewhere near you, you don’t know. And if u think it is a difficult task, don’t worry, our own tourism sector is quite developed and prepared to serve you with all your travelling requirements. You can search your adventure travel destinations from your home, sitting in your office, from anywhere; all you need is a smart phone.

May be there is small get together of family or friends and a unanimous idea of a trip pops up or small excursion at weekend with your kids, right.  Wait, want to hang around with girlfriend but not enough places because of lockdown. Romance can be adventurous. Why not add adventure to these opportunities. Absolutely yes.



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